Memories to DVD
Memories to DVD
Photo Restoration
Prints to Canvas

Prints, Slides, VHS, Negatives or 8mm Film transferred to DVD

Each DVD has a custom printed label with a title of your choosing and a frame from the movie.
Additional copies are available at $10/copy. We recommend getting at least one extra copy and keeping it in a separate location, that way in the event of an emergency (fire, flood, etc.) you still have a copy safely tucked away.
  • We can transfer VHS, Beta, C-Tapes, Hi8 and miniDV Tapes
  • $20/tape, up to 2 hr can fit onto a DVD. Some tapes depending on the recording settings could hold up to 6 hours of footage, additional charges would apply to transfer the remaining 4 hours
  • Shorter tapes can be condensed onto a single DVD for ease of storage. If this is the case please order your tapes in the order you would like them to play.
8mm film:
We can transfer Regular 8mm or Super 8mm film. A standard reel is 50ft and larger reels can vary depending on how many standard reels were spliced together, in most cases if you look on the spoke of the reel there are markers to show footage. We use a direct capture method where a camera is placed close to the film and individual frames are photographed and spliced together into a movie. This gives the highest quality transfers without flickering, or parallax errors like other methods can cause. We also use an adjustable LED light which allows us to adjust the exposure, that way dark indoor scenes can be made brighter and outdoor scenes don't get washed out. With using an LED we also remove the risk of film being melted by the projector.
We offer two different services with 8mm film.
  • If you're comfortable doing the editing, adding your own background music and colour balancing the footage we can clean and digitize the film to .mp4 files at $0.25/ft ($12.50 per standard reel)
  • We can do all that work for you and create a custom DVD menu that plays on your computer or DVD player at $0.35/ft ($17.50 per standard reel)

Prints and Negatives:

  • Albums and loose prints or negatives can be scanned and archived on DVD.
  • Prices vary with volume and scanning resolution (for screen quality, print quality or large print quality) and the format images are saved as (.jpg or .tif).
  • Each image is cleaned before scanning to remove dust (although in some extreme cases some dust may remain, this usually happens when the level of cleaning needed may damage the print) and basic colour adjustments are made to return the image to a like new condition.
  • If you need more extensive restoration please refer to our photo restoration page.
  • Images can be put on DVD as .jpg or .tif files.
  • They can also be built into an animated slideshow with labels and background music that plays on your computer or DVD player (additional charges apply)


  • Prices vary with options and volume.
  • Each slide is cleaned and basic colour adjustments are made.
  • When preparing your slides please orient them all the same way, regardless of the orientation of the image (landscape or portrait). This is so that when we digitize the slides we are able to capture the whole image without cutting anything out or having large black bars on the side.

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