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Transfer your precious video Memories to DVD. Preserve the video tapes of your wedding, Christmases, birthdays, vacations and the kids growing up, before they are lost forever.
We transfer:
• VHS, VHS-C & S-VHS video tapes
• Hi8, Video8, Digital8 video tapes
• Mini DV
• Audio Cassettes

Don't let your Memories Fade Away. Right now that tape is the only copy of your precious memories! Have it transferred and preserved on DVD. Copies can be made as gifts for the kids and grandparents and also as a safety backup to keep off the premises.

The cost for one VHS tape up to 2 hours transferred to a DVD is $20 (includes tax - Cash / Visa / MC).  All DVD's have a custom label with the title of your choice printed directly on the disc and also includes an image from the start of the video to help you identify the special occasion. There's also room to write for dates and info. SPECIAL: We have a volume discount of $15 each (for 5 tapes or more). Additional copies for friends and family are $5 if ordered at the time of transfer.

Please note: a DVD will hold up to 2 hours of video. As most tapes are usually recorded in Standard Play (SP), the tape will fit on one DVD. If a slower recording speed was used such as LP or EP it may have allowed your tape to record over the 2 hours, additional DVDs at $15 will be required to hold those extra memories.

Videotapes gradually lose their magnetic signal over time affecting quality, stability, colour, they may even get to the point when they cannot be played and lost forever. Now is a good time to get those memories out of the closet or shoebox and digitally preserved for everyone to enjoy.

You'll sit back with some popcorn and maybe a glass or two of wine and re-live those special times with many smiles, laughs and maybe some tears, so have some tissues on hand.

We also transfer Super 8 and Regular 8mm film (3", 5" & 7" reels), digitally retouch damaged photographs and also print your images on Canvas. Please call us to discuss your needs.

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