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A great way to decorate the home and a wonderful gift

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At we can take your favourite photographs (be they prints, negatives, slides or digital images) and create a gallery wrap canvas that you'll be proud to display on your walls.
What sets us apart from 'the other guys' is that we custom build our own frames. While many people use frames made of a particle board like substance or thin wood frames that are prone to warping and cracks we use quality wood that will stand up to the test of time. Each canvas is then individually stretched and quality is strictly controlled through every step of the process.
Some common canvas concerns:
  • My pictures doesn't suit an 11x14, 16x20 or other common size. That's not a problem, since we make our own frames we can make nearly any custom size.
  • My picture doesn't have enough room on the edges to go on canvas. There are a few options here, we can either add canvas tape onto the side, or we can usually extend the edges in photoshop to perfectly place the image. (Additional charges apply)
  • My picture is too faded or damaged. Please see our page on photo restoration.
  • I can get a canvas a little cheaper at [big box retailer X]. Yes, there are large companies that offer this service. Keep in mind however then when you place your order with the clerk, they may know nothing about the process of putting images on canvas before sending it off to a third party to be bulk printed and stretched along with hundreds of other canvases from around the country/globe. Can they really provide the same level of care and attention to detail? We have a professional eye and can spot issues and suggest solutions before you even place your order. We do everything in house so they person taking your order is the same person that is building your frame, digitizing, preparing, printing and stretching your canvas. So why pay a little more? For the same reason people pay a little more for organic produce, quality matters. Plus your supporting local business which supports the community.
  • Couldn't I just get my picture framed? Yes, you can. And we can help you with getting the print enlarged and dry mounted if you want to go that way. Keep in mind that framing is a lot of little expenses. The cost of the print, the dry mounting, the framing, glass and matting these all add up so you might end up paying more for a framed print than a canvas.
  • I have several images I want combined. We can help by making a custom designed image. If you have an idea as to what your looking for we can discuss some options, make some suggestions and help you bring your idea to life.
  • I'm worried my image may be too small to go to canvas. Bring it in and we can take a look at it and best advise. However you would be surprised how large and small image can go. One nice thing about canvas is that it has a texture which can in some cases hide small artifacts that you would see on a traditional paper print and if your image is too small we'll let you know. As a small business we know that we survive on satisfied customers and positive word of mouth.

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