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Photo Restoration
Don't let your memories fade away!

We all have our favourite photographs, maybe they're of a loved relative, maybe they're of your children when they were infants or maybe they're from that once in a lifetime vacation. Regardless of what they are, even the most cherished and cared for photographs will fade over time, colours shift and rips, scratches and marks are bound to happen. At PHOTOSTUDIO.CA we have 25 years of Photoshop experience and pride ourselves on being able to digitally restore even heavily damaged to a like new condition.

The cost of the retouching varies depending on how much and where the damage is.  Clothing and background retouching is easier than restoring damage in faces.  We will have to see the photo to see what you want done and then will be able to give you an estimate.

Your original is returned to you unaltered. From the newly restored digital image we are able to make single or numerous prints on archival photo paper or even print wall enlargements on canvas for you and family to enjoy for years to come.

Before/After Samples
These originals were torn, ripped or missing pieces and then show the finished print.

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